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Sarkos Patient Stories

Breast Reduction - 26 Years Old

This was the best decision I could ever have made.

I am 26 years old and recently had a breast reduction by Dr. Sarkos. At my first office visit, I was scared and did not know what to expect. But after meeting Dr. Sarkos and his staff, their friendliness and professionalism put me at ease. My surgery experience was great…waiting for the surgery to happen was the hard part. The idea of scars really scared me but in the end, he did such a great job and the result is amazing. I feel so much better. My shoulders and back do not have all of the strain anymore. The night after surgery, Dr. Sarkos called me at home to check on me and I really appreciated that. It shows his concern for his patients. For me, this was the best decision I could ever have made and should have done it a long time ago. I knew I would be happy…but happy is an understatement! I am more confident now than ever. Thank you Dr. Sarkos and staff – you are wonderful!

Breast Augmentation - 32 Years Old

I felt like I was Dr. Sarkos’ only patient.

For years I had contemplated having a breast augmentation. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Sarkos that I knew it was for me. He made me feel so confident and comfortable about my decision, answering all of my questions with absolute certainty. I have recommended him to a countless number of clients and friends knowing that his professionalism and knowledge will help in their decision making. Thank you Dr. Sarkos for making me feel as though I was your only patient!

Breast Augmentation & Injection - 55 Years Old

I look proportioned for the first time in my life!

Since I was a young adult, I’ve wanted breast augmentation surgery. However, I could never imagine the humiliation of exposing my unsightly breasts to anyone! I have fibrocystic breast disease and had numerous surgeries, which resulted in the formation of scar tissue and visible indentations in my breasts. After my daughter suggested I see Dr. Sarkos for facial cosmetic related services, I felt so comfortable with him that I asked him about breast augmentation procedures. Dr. Sarkos spent a lot of time educating me about the surgery, inquired about my expectations, and made me feel relaxed and at ease. My surgery was a success; I went from an AA cup to a small C. My look was so natural people began to ask me if I had lost weight because I actually looked proportioned for the first time in my life! Needless to say, I highly recommend Dr. Sarkos and his staff. He is an excellent surgeon and has an incredible bedside manner.

Injection - 36 Years Old

Dr. Sarkos has a magnitude of integrity that is rare.

Everywhere you turn there seems to be a health care provider offering up fillers and toxins. I have been receiving regular injections (fillers and toxins) for the past six years. Since my first visit with Dr. Sarkos in 2010, I have not received injections elsewhere. By far, Dr. Peter Sarkos has the best “eye” and has provided me with fantastic results. I always feel more attractive and confident following any treatment in his office, and have referred a number of family members and friends who feel they have received the best services there as well. Dr. Sarkos knows exactly where and how to inject, and what is necessary and unnecessary to achieve optimal results. Dr. Sarkos is honest, personable, professional, and has a magnitude of integrity that is rare. There were plenty of times I was willing to spend a lot more money on his services but his answer was “No, not necessary this visit.” I will continue to hold Dr. Sarkos in the highest regards as a plastic surgeon and look forward to his assistance so that I can age gracefully!

Injection - 64 Years Old

I am so very pleased with the natural looking results.

Dr. Peter Sarkos has provided me with both Restaline and Botox injections on two occasions over the past year. As a 64-year-old woman, I found Dr. Sarkos extremely knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, gentle, kind and respectful. I am so very pleased with the natural looking results and will continue to see him in the future. Dr. Sarkos is truly an excellent physician. His staff is extraordinarily professional as well. It is an honor to write this review in support of Dr. Sarkos.

Blepharoplasty- 63 Years Old

I had total confidence in the care I received.

My experience with Dr Sarkos and his staff was outstanding. I had total confidence in the care I received from my initial visit, through my surgery and the post-op follow-up. The staff was always welcoming and helpful. The work of Dr Sarkos in my blepharoplasty was exceptional and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Brachioplasty - 40 Years Old

My fiancée can walk down the aisle in her sleeveless bridal gown with the confidence that a beautiful woman should have on her wedding day.

Finding the right doctor for a cosmetic procedure is one of the hardest things a person has to do. You know you have to be candid and personal. In Dr. Sarkos, my fiancée and I found the right person for the job. He and his staff made us feel confident that our vision of the procedure and the outcome were the same. From the first consultation we were put at ease and every detail was spelled out. During the procedure his staff kept me informed and I was reassured my fiancée was in good hands – but the actual surgery is only half way. We found that with his determination of a successful operation that it’s the treatment and follow up that makes it a great outcome. With Dr. Sarkos’ scar therapy and attention to details we have gotten the best results possible. So now my fiancée can walk down the aisle in her sleeveless bridal gown with the confidence that a beautiful woman should have on her wedding day. I can never express enough thankfulness and appreciation for all he has done.

Breast Reduction - 25 Years Old

Dr. Sarkos took the time to explain the procedure and make me feel comfortable.

Words cannot explain how happy I am with the results from my breast reduction. Dr. Sarkos was amazing and did a wonderful job, I am 100 percent satisfied! He took the time to explain the procedure and make me feel comfortable. His staff is great as well; very welcoming, friendly, and helpful. I absolutely loved the experience I had with Dr. Sarkos and his staff, and would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Breast Reconstruction - 52 Years Old

I have two beautiful breasts that I am so grateful to Dr. Sarkos for.

In April 2011, when I was told I had breast cancer and needed a mastectomy, my world turned upside down. When I first walked into Dr. Sarkos’ office I was so frightened and unsure of the future. The first thing I remember is being greeted with warm and reassuring smiles from his staff. Next, I was taken into the office where he so patiently explained my options to me. When I left that day, I felt like I was once again in control of my life and my future! Now, after three surgeries, I have two beautiful breasts that I am so grateful to Dr. Sarkos for. He is truly a gifted surgeon. I want to thank him and his staff for their exceptional care – from the beginning of this journey, to the end.

Breast Reconstruction - 56 Years Old

Do not ever stop practicing Dr. Sarkos. He and his staff are the angels in my life.

I just wanted to thank Dr. Sarkos and his lovely staff for all he has done for me so far. Finding out that I had breast cancer was the most devastating news I think I ever have heard. It’s all around you, but you never quite put your arms around it until it hits home. Not only did I have breast cancer, but I also I had two different cancers, one in each breast. Having the bi-lateral mastectomy had to be the most difficult decision I ever had to make. When I spoke with Dr. Sarkos before the mastectomy, I knew he was the surgeon that I wanted to fix me (i.e. perform the reconstruction). Not only did he address my situation professionally, but he also demonstrated so much class and tenderness. Through the picture taking and discussions, I was very impressed and felt I not only was working with an intelligent skilled physician but an artist as well. The next most devastating news was when I woke up from the mastectomy to find I could not be reconstructed as we planned. I was advised this was a possibility, however, I did not expect this. Although the mastectomy surgery was on May 14, 2007, it took me several months afterward to really look at myself in the mirror. Generally, I ignored the mirror from my neck down. I did not allow my husband in the room when I was changing clothes. I never removed the glue used to close the incisions from my breasts until I started radiation in November 2007. The radiation technician told me I needed to remove the glue before they started radiation. Simply put, it just was not pleasant for me to look at myself. It wasn’t so much because I didn’t have breasts sticking out from under my clothes – it was something much more emotional to me. It wasn’t something other women even understood. The common reply was, “What do you need breasts for anyway?” So I had to look at what used to be my breasts, so I could remove the glue. It was facing the reality that I had cancer and here is the scar.

The best news, besides my two pregnancies, was that I was cancer free and I could move forward on the reconstruction. This wonderful news came in March of 2008. On April 9, 2008, Dr. Sarkos performed the Reconstructive Surgery with Expanders and Latissimus Flaps. What a beautiful job he did both in the front and the back. This was a hard recovery but every minute was worth it. I was very prepared to not expect my breasts to look like they had before the mastectomy. However, what I saw was much better than my expectations. When I communicated this to Dr. Sarkos, I recall him saying “They will look much better after we insert the implants.” I thought they looked terrific!

I have completed expansion and I am ready for the next surgery; removing the expanders and getting the real deal…the implants. I am beyond pleased with my reconstruction so far. The breasts look wonderful to me. I know to the average person they might not see the beauty, but to me I feel whole again. Today, four months later, the scars on my back are hard to notice and the front is healing nicely. I have shown Dr. Sarkos’ work to so many women, nurses, and friends. It is so unlike me, as I have always been a very private person. I am truly amazed at what he did.

This whole process, beginning with hearing that I had breast cancer, has been difficult however Dr. Sarkos and his staff has made it much easier to deal with. I can’t thank them enough. I appreciate them so very much. Do not ever stop practicing Dr. Sarkos. I want him to know how much it can mean to his patients. I will forever be grateful to him. He and his staff are the angels in my life.

Breast Reconstruction - 46 Years Old

I enjoyed our visits and love your finished work.

Thanks for your wonderful care of me. You’ve made my cancer/mastectomy/reconstruction experience…not so bad. In fact, I enjoyed our visits and love your finished work on me. Cancer is a tough one to deal with-so thank you for making it easy. You’re the best. And, I let everyone know it! Thank you, really-thank you!

Panniculectomy - 59 Years Old

Dr. Sarkos has wonderful bedside manner.

In April this year, I had surgery performed by Dr. Sarkos. I am extremely pleased with the results of the surgery. It has changed my life for the better. He is a very talented surgeon. I judge this very important. Second in importance to me is bedside manner. Dr. Sarkos has wonderful bedside manner. In the office, I never felt he was rushed. Each time he explained everything thoroughly to my husband and me. He is very conscientious. I felt confident all would work out as well as it did because he monitored my condition and care often. His office staff was all very friendly and competent. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Sarkos and his staff to everyone I know.