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October 8, 2019

Trumbull Regional Medical Center Aiming to Stop Lung Cancer in its Tracks

(WARREN – September 5, 2019) - Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related death in men and women in the U.S. Unfortunately, it’s often detected late and in an advanced stage, at which point treatment options are limited.

Trumbull Regional Medical Center is doing its part to change that. 

The Lung Cancer Screening Program at Trumbull Regional uses a low-dose CT scanner that produces high-quality images of the chest, allowing physicians to find irregularities in the lungs that a typical x-ray can’t. This CT scan can provide precise information about the size, shape and position of any lung tumors.

“Our Lung Cancer Screening Program goes far beyond just a test,” said Kathy Martin, Lung Navigator at Trumbull Regional. “We have an all-inclusive program that supports our patients from the initial conversation all the way through diagnosis and follow-up. When detected early, there is an opportunity for intervention and treatment that can be lifesaving.”

Between 2011-2015, there were 231 cases of lung Cancer diagnosed in Trumbull County, ranking 10th in the state of Ohio. (State Cancer Profiles National Cancer Institute).

The screening is a 15-minute noninvasive test using low-dose X-rays. The patient’s entire chest is scanned, while the technology provides detailed, three-dimensional images of the lungs. When performed early, physicians have a greater chance of detecting tumors at the beginning stages when the cancer is more treatable.

Patients are guided throughout the process by Martin, an experienced oncology certified nurse, who stays in constant contact with patients, informing them about screening results, assisting in answering questions and providing personal attention throughout the process.

This type of screening is recommended for high-risk individuals. Anyone between the ages 55-77 with at least a 30-year smoking history of one pack per day, or a 20-year smoking history of two packs per day, especially if they continue to smoke or have quit within the last 15 years, is considered high risk.

Research has shown that screening high-risk individuals — particularly those with a history of tobacco use — can improve survival rates by as much as 20 percent.

The test is covered by Medicare and most other health insurance plans.

The screening is available at:

Trumbull Regional Medical Center
1350 E. Market Street in Warren

Steward Health Center, Elm Road Center for Radiology
A Department of Trumbull Regional Medical Center
2586 Elm Road, Building B in Cortland

To learn more about the Lung Screening Program at Trumbull Regional, contact Martin at 330-841-1962.