Wound Healing Center at Trumbull Regional recognized with two National Awards for excellence

The Wound Healing Center at Trumbull Regional Medical Center earned two nationally recognized awards for excellence. 
The facility was named a 2017 Center of Distinction and 2017 Robert A. Warriner III, M.D., Center of Excellence by Healogics, Inc.
The Wound Healing Center has achieved patient satisfaction rates higher than 92 percent and a healing rate of at least 91 percent in less than 30 median days to heal, for a minimum of two consecutive years, in addition to outstanding clinical outcomes for twelve consecutive months in 2017.
“The award and statistics behind it underscore the message that Trumbull County residents are receiving an extremely high level of care, and it's all in part  of our dedicated team of physicians, passionate nurses and caring front office coordinator  “said Steve Varkony, MHA, RCP and Wound Healing Center Program Director.
The Wound Healing Center offers specialized, outpatient care for non-healing wounds, including negative pressure wound therapy, bioengineered tissues, biosynthetic dressings, growth factor therapies and hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. Advanced treatments include negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered skin substitutes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, biological and biosynthetic dressings and growth factor therapies.
“We combine best-practice clinical care with the most advanced technologies and great compassion to achieve comprehensive successful outcomes,” Varkony said.
This marks the third consecutive year the Wound Healing Center has earned the Center of Distinction award, and second straight year for the Center of Excellence honor. It is the only facility in the area to earn these awards.

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