My Health Home Patient Portal

Patient Portal Information

My Health Home patient portal is a free and secure online home for your inpatient hospital health information. The portal allows you to view your medical records on any internet-enabled device and become a more active partner in your health care.

When you sign-up for My Health Home, you will be able to:

  • View and share your personal health record (PHR) related to your hospital stays.

  • Have electronic access to an updated list of medications, diagnoses, allergies, lab test results, patient history and other health care information related to your inpatient hospital visit.

  • Access your hospital discharge instructions for better after-discharge care.

  • Manage family members’ health records once you are authorized.

Bookmark the site to make it convenient to visit regularly.

Your username will always be your email address. Each time you enter your portal account, you also will need to enter your password and answer your security question for extra security.

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